Tuesday, January 15, 2008

pssst... know some dirt people who need to understand the "finer points"

ASI is hosting a PDH (Professional Development Hour) for the Civil folks. I know it isn't Revit but you might want to share this info with those that are dirt minded. Susan Palazzola is doing the PDH and here is her invite...

Join me Friday, January 18th for: Taking Advantage of Points. Not only are points used by Surveyors for mapping and construction staking, but they are widely used as a design tool by Engineers as well. In this demonstration, you will grasp the concept of both Point Styles and Point Label Styles. I will show how to import and export points from Civil 3D and the mysterious world of the “Create Points” toolbar. I will also uncover the many settings available under Point Command Settings that can be adjusted to help increase workflow and productivity! Let’s not forget about Point Groups and Description Keys…we will examine both functionalities. If your organization has battled with using Point Groups over Description Keys, this will help you to make an informed decision! Join me in talking about Points from A to Z!
The webinar begins at noon and goes to 1pm Eastern time! You can come into the Plymouth, Michigan office and watch me live, or view it from the comfort of your office.
Click here to sign up.